Working with the Cannofwaves boys, we set out for good times, fresh spots and a couple of jumps to show what the new Cannondale Habit can do.

We The People, well known in the BMX scene created an 80’s inspired Klunker.  Briefed with showing it in it’s nature habitat, so we chose a mix of town and trail.  A pleasure to work with Matty behind the bars, style and enthusiasm for days.

We love that gravel bikes land us at the cross section of mountain and road, taking the best of both worlds and allowing us the freedom to explore new terrain in different ways. PNW Ambassador, Martha Gill, outfitted her gravel rig with our full suite of products and put it through its paces in the UK Lake District to show just how capable these bikes can be when you have the right components to unlock their full potential.

Chaz Mailey has been part of the TWCO family since day one.  A real pleasure to head up to Unit 23 in Dumbarton and film him on home turf, for the relaunch of the brand.

INOV8 have been perfecting the Mudtalon for 20 years, taking it to the fells minutes down the road from their HQ seemed like just the right approach for the launch of their newest model.

Animo – Nearly beaten by an endless Lake District winter we took a trip into the unknown, to us, back country of Spain.  Fantastic scenery, a good crew of riders and a less than adequate map, somehow led us to some truly amazing riding.

Floe State of Mind – Gilly’s approach to outdoor swimming inspires some and wows others.  Truly engrossed in the moment, to reach her Floe State.

Chasing That Buzz – Nick is a lynch pin of the Cumbrian BMX scene.  His hours behind the bars really show, style for miles and full commitment.  That all comes through with a shovel as well, Hill Top Trails are prime time.

Sarah discovered outdoor swimming after being cajoled into a sprint triathlon, shortly after the birth of her daughter.  The community and experiences have shaped her life, ever since.

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